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Company P.H.U. " GOLPOL " was established in November 2003 in the village of Wielichowo in Wielkopolska . It is owned by Zbigniew Golczak .

The main activity of the company is buying , wholesale and export of fresh white and brown mushrooms to the countries of the European Unions . In the summer, we sell the vegetables ( particularly pepper ) , undergrowth and fruit. Our goal is to provide high quality products because we are still developing and improving . A special feature of GOLPOL is keeping a contract and reliable to implement. Learned about many of our existing customers in the country and in Europe. The current activities were rewarded in 2013 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

We have many years experience in the production of mushrooms which allows us to choose the highest quality mushroom growers . In cooperation we provide them with the substrate for the production of reducing them in Belgium and the Netherlands. We have a specialized truck fleet allows us to deliver fresh products of the highest quality. On-site or in the hall of the plant is discharged, sorted , packed in containers of a suitable size to be ordered and cooling . Then the mushrooms are loaded on trucks that carry them to their destination . The product must be fresh . This is a priority , so the recipient will be within one to two days.

Most fungi is exported to Belgium , Germany and the Netherlands. The country co-operate with the company Selgros and other smaller customers .

We offer:

- Mushrooms White
- Mushrooms Brown
- Wild mushrooms
- Oysters
- Shiitake
- Pepper
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