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Our offer is tailored to the needs and requirements of our customers. We try to make our product prepared was of the highest quality and fully meet the expectations of customers. Through continuous collaboration with the producers of fungi are able to provide various asrotyment.

Detailed information:

  • Fresh white mushrooms 3kg play
  • 2kg fresh white mushrooms Rizen (large)
  • 2kg fresh white mushrooms (pan 4x500g)
  • Fresh white mushrooms 1.6 kg (pan 4x400g)
  • Fresh white mushrooms 1.5 kg (pan 6x250g)
  • Fresh white mushrooms 1.5 kg Lubyanka
  • Mushroom brown in the same range.
  • Wild mushrooms 0.5 kg, 1 kg, and according to the order basket tray 300g, 200g
  • Oyster and shiitake according to the contract
  • Pepper 5kg carton, or according to the contract

    We offer:

    - Mushrooms White
    - Mushrooms Brown
    - Wild mushrooms
    - Oysters
    - Shiitake
    - Pepper
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